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How to Build Resume with 100% Shortlisting Probability?


In the competitive job market, your resume is the key to unlocking career opportunities. This guide is your comprehensive resource for building a standout resume strategically designed for a 100% shortlisting probability. We’ll delve into the art of storytelling, quantification, and essential tips to ensure your resume captivates recruiters. Join us on this journey to craft a compelling professional narrative that not only showcases your skills but maximizes your chances of securing that coveted interview. Let’s embark on the path to resume excellence and unlock unparalleled opportunities in your career.

How My resume was built?

I have worked as a SAP ABAP developer for 28 months and when i joined MBA in IIM Sambalpur and trying for placements. My resume felt like i was trying for some developer role. Also the resume looked so naive with useless things which interviewer dont even want to know. Our college arranged a mentor for resume building. He asked me few questions about what I do and changed my resume to suit for MBA roles. Basically he wanted to prove that iam capable to talk to people and make the work done. An MBA graduate is expected to get work done by talking to different people.

He asked me few questions like

  1. What did you do in your first job?
  2. Did you have to talk to any teams for your work to be done?
  3. Did you handle any other works apart from Developing?
  4. Have you been awarded for your work?
  5. Have you mentored someone?

My resume as Example

After asking all these question he made me write few sentences for the resume. The sentences were quatified by asking me for details. So i requst you all to ask yourself everthing and quantify your effort. I am going to be honest here please dont be satya harischandra, Telling lies yesss papaaaa… is good policy in resume. Just number has to bilievable.

  • Collaborated with Solution team and Clients to design new requirements for an HR project
  • Liaised with functional industrial consultants as in as client partner teams, gathering requirements
  • Independently handled customer issues in 2 tools for 14 countries resulted in a better customer experience to HR across all 14 countries
  • Handled a team of 5 members to handle the deliverables to clients on time with no defects
  • Independently handled support team of 50 members to maintain SLA breach below 0.3%
  • Liaised with support team client to maintain customer experience in the hyper care phase

So use this as reference for your project work. Then coming to your clgs projects and all. As we all know college projects are dummy ones. If you seriously did your project you really would make good resume. But people who didnt make copy yours friends best project details as resume points. Also use number in this. Remember to quantify the effort.


Then coming to the main thing “Shortlist”. There is a thing called ATS score which HR’s world wide use to shortlist. The score should be 90. How is this calcualted? This is calculated based on the number used in resume, verbs used like handled, liased etc.

Important Links

Here is a guide for action verbs to make use of for resume. Also make sure if you are repeating the verbs its not good. The website to check ATS score will tell it. But there is a premium vesion to this i would suggest to buy. I dont have any link with this ATS website company. Try to get score of 90.

Finally before applying with this resume ask for a referral. Though i mentioned 100% there is 99.99% chance of rejecting just because the market is not good now so ask for a referral on linkedin. Catch any employee of the company you wish to apply and ask for referral no one rejects because even they get money if you get selected.


As you embark on your career advancement journey armed with this guide, remember that your resume is a dynamic document. Tailor it to each opportunity, continually update it with new achievements, and ensure it remains a true reflection of your evolving professional story.

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