You are currently viewing 4 Main Certifications for Business Analysts which could be done? Tips to complete the certification?

4 Main Certifications for Business Analysts which could be done? Tips to complete the certification?

Hey there, fellow business aficionados!

So, you’ve decided to embark on the exciting journey of becoming a certified business analysis whiz, and you’ve stumbled upon the tantalizing world of IIBA certifications. Bravo! In this whimsical blog, we’ll delve into the various IIBA certifications for business analysts and unravel the mysterious experience requirements for each. Let’s get started on this certification carnival ride, shall we?

I. ECBA: Entry Certificate in Business Analysis

Welcome to the ECBA circus, where the beginners take center stage!

This is where the fresh-faced newcomers get to don their analyst hats and start their adventure. If you’re as green as the lush spring grass and have yet to dive into the wild world of business analysis, fear not! ECBA is here to guide you.

Experience Requirements:

  • No prior experience needed; just an eagerness to learn.
  • You must complete 21 hours of professional development. Think of it as business analysis boot camp!
  • Remember, the only ticket you need is a basic understanding of business analysis principles. No rocket science involved!

II. CCBA: Certification of Capability in Business Analysis

Welcome to the CCBA carnival, where the skilled jugglers take the stage!

This one’s for those who’ve already dipped their toes in the business analysis pond and are ready for a little more action. If you can juggle multiple tasks and are itching for some complex challenges, the CCBA is your show.

Experience Requirements:

  • You must have at least 3,750 hours of business analysis work experience in the last seven years. That’s a lot of hours, but hey, we all need to put in the time!
  • You also need to complete 21 hours of professional development. More learning, hooray!
  • Make sure your experience is related to at least two of the six BABOK Guide knowledge areas. It’s like juggling with style!

III. CBAP: Certified Business Analysis Professional

Welcome to the CBAP extravaganza, where the ringmasters of business analysis rule the big top!

This is the big league, folks! If you’re looking to lead and influence in the realm of business analysis, the CBAP is your ticket to stardom.

Experience Requirements:

  • You must have at least 7,500 hours of business analysis work experience in the last ten years. It’s like an extended internship, but with more responsibility!
  • A minimum of 900 hours must be in at least four of the six BABOK Guide knowledge areas. It’s all about honing your skills!
  • Don’t forget to complete 35 hours of professional development. You’re going to need that extra knowledge in your arsenal.

IV. AAC: Agile Analysis Certification

Welcome to the AAC party, where the agile acrobats and business analysts join forces!

If you’re working in an agile environment or just want to explore the synergy between agile and business analysis, you’ve found your jam with AAC.

Experience Requirements:

  • There are no specific work experience prerequisites. Jump in, the water’s fine!
  • You should have a foundational knowledge of agile practices and principles. Think of it as your warm-up act!
  • Complete 21 hours of professional development and get ready to dance between agile and business analysis with ease.

V. CCA: Certificate in Cybersecurity Analysis

Welcome to the CCA thriller, where business analysts don their superhero capes to tackle cybersecurity villains!

For those of you who want to save the digital world from cybersecurity chaos, the CCA is your calling. No bat signal required.

Experience Requirements:

  • No specific work experience requirements, but some knowledge of cybersecurity is a must. Brush up on your digital detective skills!
  • Complete 21 hours of professional development. Get ready to be the Sherlock Holmes of cybersecurity!
  • Dive into cybersecurity-related projects to gain practical experience. You’ll be the superhero the digital realm deserves!

TIPS to clear certification

1. Thoroughly Study the BABOK Guide:

The Business Analysis Body of Knowledge (BABOK) Guide is your key resource. Read it meticulously to grasp the fundamental concepts and principles of business analysis.

2. Utilize Free Resources with Caution:

While free online resources and exam dumps can be helpful, they should not replace comprehensive study. Use them to supplement your learning, not as your sole source of information.

3. Take Effective Notes:

While studying the extensive BABOK Guide, make detailed notes. These notes will serve as valuable references during your preparation and help you retain the information.

4. Allocate Dedicated Study Time:

Set aside at least four days for focused, uninterrupted study of the material. If you complete your initial study early, use the extra time for revision to solidify your understanding.


So there you have it, folks! The circus of IIBA certifications awaits, each offering a unique experience requirement tailored to your level of expertise. Whether you’re just stepping onto the business analysis stage or looking to master your craft, there’s a certification for everyone. So, put on your analyst hat and join the certification show that best suits your skills, because in the world of business analysis, the show must go on!

Best of luck on your certification journey, and remember, the sky’s the limit for business analysts who dare to dream and work hard. Happy certifying!

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